In an industry where “team” has become the norm, Wightman-Brock Real Estate Advisors works together in a partnership—with each other and their clients—sharing all of the highs and lows that come with the home buying process. They love what they do, they are committed to their clients, and they love people.

Ron, Lynn, Randy and Ethan take their business very seriously and they truly care about each person they partner with. Treating everyone as an individual, with respect, is paramount in their business. They believe that’s the only way to develop the trust and communication with their clients that is necessary to have a smooth, successful home-buying experience.

They believe relationships are key, that everyone’s dollar is the same, whether it’s their first house or a million-dollar house, and that every real estate transaction is unique and personal. Each and every time.

PARTNER:  [pahrt-ner]  a person who shares in actions or endeavors with another

Their work is important to them and they never take for granted the trust their clients put in them. It’s an honor. They believe when you really care about people, you’re taken to a different place and when you love what you do, it comes naturally.

When you want the best for someone, trust and honor naturally follow. He believes taking care of people, respecting them for who they are, and helping to guide them to where they want to be is a gift.

Growing up in the area, he knows the ins and outs of living in the community. Ethan is committed to helping and giving back to his clients; he goes the extra mile to be thoughtful and attentive in every aspect of his business.

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