Ethan Kaske

Ethan Kaske was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, and has been a member and involved in this community his whole life. He has his bachelor’s degree in finance and investing, loves the outdoors, enjoys travel, is a coffee enthusiast, and is a passionate lifelong learner.
Growing up in the area, graduating from John Marshall High School, and attending college in southeastern Minnesota, he knows the ins and outs of living in the community. Ethan is committed to helping and giving back to his clients; he goes the extra mile to be thoughtful and attentive in every aspect of his business and looks forward to helping his community with the Wightman Brock team.
In his free time, Ethan tries to find a way to be outside: camping, hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, or simply reading a book on his deck. Ethan often says he goes to bed looking forward to his coffee in the morning. He is also passionate about learning, loves exploring new hobbies, and is curious about a wide range of topics. 
Ethan Kaske Real Estate Advisor
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