Benefits of Listing in the Fall

listing your home in the fall

The summertime real estate season is as hot as the summer sun, but you shouldn’t be deterred from listing your home in the fall.

While most hear “Rochester” and think “Mayo Clinic”, Rochester has a prosperous and diverse economy. Because of its growing business community, access to arts and culture, and a thriving food scene, Rochester sees relocation opportunities year-round, not just the spring months. In Rochester and the Southeast Minnesota area, every month is a good month for real estate.

Many people think listing in the fall isn’t the best idea, however, in our experience, we think it’s actually a good idea. Here’s why:

There’s less competition.

Fewer people will be listing their home in the fall compared to the busy spring and summer months. As a fall seller, you will have less competition in the market, which may help your home sell faster.

Snow is a great equalizer.

Don’t despair come fall and your yard starts to look drab – everyone else’s yard is, too! Think of it as just one less thing to worry about in showing your home. Because everyone’s yard will look comparable to one another during the winter months, this allows you to focus more time and energy in making sure the inside of your home stands out from the competition instead.

Holiday home shoppers tend to be more serious.

People looking for a home during the holidays have immediate needs and a limited selection to chose from. This is a great time to market your home.

Ultimately, the perfect time to list your home is when it’s right for you. If you’re considering a move at any time during the year, we’d love to meet with you and talk you through the process. Contact us to set up a meeting today.

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