Home Matters Podcast

Hosted by Randy Brock, Ron & Lynn Wightman: Residential real estate agents in Rochester, MN

Discussions with people around our community, what gets them up in the morning, and information on our local real estate market.

Ep. 45: Pat & Ellen Heydon, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity

We had an excellent discussion with Pat & Ellen Heydon of Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity. We learned more about what they do, how they do it, what the needs are for Habitat for Humanity, and a little about their hopes for the future. Listen to learn more about this great program! Visit tworivershabitat.org. 

Ep. 44: Bekah DeYoung, Think Bank, VP of Business Innovation

This episode, we sit down and chat with Bekah DeYoung, Vice President of Business Innovation at Think Bank. What does she enjoy so much about the company and the culture, and what does she love about the Rochester community? Listen to learn more!

Ep. 43 – Dan Fifield, The Landing MN

We had the opportunity to learn more about The Landing MN, a “soft place to land” for those in the Rochester area experiencing homelessness. It’s a lot more complicated than many imagine, and we dig more into what Dan and his team at The Landing MN are doing to care for those in our community. To learn more and to help, visit thelandingmn.org. 

Ep. 41 – Michelle Fagan, Cafe Aqui & Fagan Studios

We love a great cup of coffee and Cafe Aqui in Rochester is one of our favorite meeting places. We had the opportunity to chat with Michelle Fagan, who started this business and has lived in Rochester for most of her life. It was great to learn more about her, her family, and their businesses.

Ep. 40 – Rachel Wick, Olmsted County Communications

You’ll remember Rachel from both the evening and morning news over the past 15 years (or so). Now, she’s working with Olmsted County, bringing her professionalism and strong communication skills with her. It was a pleasure to sit down and catch up with Rachel to learn more about her journey and what’s happening now in local government.

Ep. 39 – Tyrel Clark, Mayor of Eyota

Tyrel Clark is the Mayor of Eyota and has always been very active in his community. We discussed what goes into a thriving community and what he enjoys about being involved in his hometown. Why are a skate park and frisbee golf course important? How can a small town next door to Rochester offer local healthcare opportunities? Many wonderful communities surround Rochester, and we enjoyed learning more about Eyota and Tyrel.

Ep. 38 – Heather Fuelberth, Mortgage Banker

We talked with our friend and mortgage banker extraordinaire, Heather Fuelberth, about the latest in the market and the kind of advice we’d offer our kids if and when they were buying a home.

Ep. 37 – Introducing Ethan Kaske

The Wightman-Brock Real Estate Advisors are back at the table with an update on Rochester’s housing market. Some tips on selling, buying, multiple offers, and how the culture has shifted in the past year and a half. We have a new member of the team to introduce as well, so tune in to hear about our teammate Ethan Kaske.

Ep. 36 – Kevin Bright – Destination Medical Center

Real Estate – an essential service. We all need a roof over our heads and we all need to be able to move for a variety of reasons. The very latest Rochester area housing market update and how do things look differently with stay-at-home orders for many. We chat with Kevin Bright of Destination Medical Center and City of Rochester, energy and sustainability director. How does someone get into a career like that? What does the energy and sustainability future look like as Rochester continues to grow and develop and how do you help steer that ship? Is biking to work in Minnesota, in the winter, a viable option? That and more, including pigs, in this podcast.

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