Home Matters Podcast

Hosted by Randy Brock, Ron & Lynn Wightman: Residential real estate agents in Rochester, MN

Discussions with people around our community, what gets them up in the morning, and information on our local real estate market.

Ep. 36 – Kevin Bright – Destination Medical Center

Real Estate – an essential service. We all need a roof over our heads and we all need to be able to move for a variety of reasons. The very latest Rochester area housing market update and how do things look differently with stay-at-home orders for many. We chat with Kevin Bright of Destination Medical Center and City of Rochester, energy and sustainability director. How does someone get into a career like that? What does the energy and sustainability future look like as Rochester continues to grow and develop and how do you help steer that ship? Is biking to work in Minnesota, in the winter, a viable option? That and more, including pigs, in this podcast.

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