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Rochester History

Rochester, MN was founded in 1854 and eventually became a stagecoach stop between St. Paul and Dubuque, Iowa. When the railroad arrived in the 1860s, it brought new residents and business opportunities. One of those new-comers was Dr. William Mayo, an examining surgeon for the US Military.

In August 1883, a tornado ripped through much of Rochester, leaving 37 dead and about 200 wounded. At the time, there wasn’t a medical facility in town, so Dr. Mayo and his two sons, along with the Sisters of St. Francis, worked together to care for the wounded. St. Mary’s Hospital opened in 1889 and the rest is history. Mayo Clinic is among the largest and most well-respected medical facilities in the world.

Rochester Today

But, if you ask anyone who’s lived in Rochester for awhile, they will tell you there’s so much to Rochester beyond Mayo Clinic.

In the last five years, the downtown area has flourished, local restaurants and businesses have become the new norm, and the arts community has seen tremendous growth and support from the community. There is always something to do for everyone.

What makes Rochester unique is its people. Everyone has a story and when most people come to Rochester, their story is being changed. The people of Rochester embrace new-comers and visitors alike, coming alongside offering acceptance and support. Rochester’s people are it’s greatest resource and best asset.

Rochester MN Photos

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